Turn Your Chores into a Workout

woman-walking-dogWho said exercise couldn’t be fun? You can literally exercise any time, any place if you just use your imagination a little. Take for example regular household chores, did you know that a 150 pound woman can burn approximately 230 calories in thirty minutes just by performing housework? Who said housework was a chore? Not anymore!

It is very true housework can really burn the calories especially if you put a little more effort into it. So instead of just vacuuming in a kind of lazy way, concentrate on your movements. Push the vacuum a little further away from you and pull it back with more gusto! Now you are burning a few extra calories.

The same applies to cleaning the bath tub or washing the floors. Instead of thinking about how much you dislike the chore. Think instead about applying a bit more pressure to your movements.

When you are cleaning and dusting take longer strides with your legs too. Take a long stride and then hold the position for a few seconds to help stretch your muscles. Then bend at the knees. When picking things up off the floor use your knees to bend down or you can bend straight legged. But just be careful not to over stretch and pull a muscle.

Outside the house you have lots of additional ways to exercise. Gardening, weeding, cutting and raking the lawn are all wonderful workouts. If you don’t normally do these chores offer to do them once a week and take advantage of using a different set of muscles.

The same goes if you have a dog, offer to be the one to take them on a walk. Or give your dog a surprise and take him for two walks a day instead of one, they will be excited and happy to go with you.

Most kids these days have some type of gaming console so why not take advantage of this and get an exercise video game. If you are a little embarrassed about anyone seeing you, get up early in the morning and play the game. Before long your kids will want to exercise along with you.

It really is easy to incorporate exercise into your daily chores. No matter what cleaning chore you are doing there is a way to bend, stretch and just put more effort into it. So go ahead and have fun while cleaning, your body will love you for it.

Author: tyrone3340

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