Rice is bad for your DNA and Weight Loss

riceCancer risk exposed in high rice diet study: Manchester research links genetic damage with arsenic in rice

Eating large daily helpings of rice tainted with high levels of arsenic has been linked to genetic damage that heightens the risk of cancer, a study suggests.

Naturally-occurring arsenic in drinking water is a long-known health hazard, especially in Bangladesh, where tens of millions of people depend on wells drilled in the 1970s.

Scientists have been concerned about rice grown in contaminated groundwater, but this is the first time they have found evidence of a risk.

Researchers at Britain’s University of Manchester and the Indian Institute of Chemical Biology in Kolkata studied 417 villagers from India’s West Bengal.


They asked the volunteers to provide details about their lifestyle and amount of rice eaten daily, and to provide samples of cooked rice and their urine.

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