Monomeals: The Latest Annoying Trend From Instagram

monomealsA “monomeal” is a meal that consists of just one type of food. Usually raw fruit or veg.

A “Mono Meal” is simply when you eat only 1 type of food in a meal and you don’t do any kind of food combining. Below
are some common examples of mono eating…

– Eating nothing but watermelon for breakfast.
– Eating nothing but apples for lunch.
– Eating nothing but mangoes for dinner.
– Eating nothing but dates for a whole day.
– Eating nothing but bananas for a whole week.

So, do you think it’s a good idea? It seems like it could be, because there’s not anything artificial in produce, so your body takes it as is, and knows when you’ve had enough. It’s also easier to digest, I imagine. My only worries would be protein. Would you have a mono meal of each food group? One protein mono, one veggie or fruit mono, one carb mono?

Modern day proponents of a mono diet, such as author Christopher Vasey in his book “The Detox Mono Diet,” believe that eating a single food can help you cleanse your body of toxins and lose weight. Some mono diets recommend eating foods known for their health benefits, such as blueberries, grapefruits, watermelon or carrots.” – source

Even some of the most basic foods that people eat involve some pretty crazy food combinations that result in digestive problems after you eat them. To make a loaf of Bread for example you combine things like Eggs, Milk, Butter, Flour, Sugar, Salt and Yeast, and when all of these foods combine they become a glue like substance that will clog up your
stomach. (Don’t forget that the word “Gluten” is Latin for “Glue”.)


If you make a simple sandwich using bread, bologna, cheese, and mayonnaise you may think that you are eating something that only has a few ingredients in it, but if you actually read the ingredient lists for each of these ingredients you may be surprised to find that there are actually close to 100 ingredients in that “simple sandwich”. – source

Mono Meals can help with weight loss because it helps support proper digestion (goodbye bloating!), optimal nutrient absorption, and better assimilation. All of which result in a more nourished body with more energy, a flat belly and less cravings! Mono meals can also help end the cycle of emotional eating which is usually triggered by addictive or stimulating foods & spices and plays a huge role in weight gain.

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