Its The Small Successes That Keep Us Motivated

woman-holding-a-scaleIt was a cool fall morning; I woke up feeling refreshed and blessed to see another day. I walked into the bathroom & there it was….staring me in the face. My scale! For some

reason, this morning the scale was all I could see or think about. Reminiscing on the
previous weeks about all the bad foods I ate and all the exercise I did not do I dreaded
stepping on that scale. It had to be done…I had to face my fears. I checked my weight
loss chart and realized that my last weigh in put me at a 59 pound lost. I just knew I had
gained some of that back. No need to cry about it…suck it up  & get on the scale
(this is me talking to myself, lol). I stepped on the scale, close my eyes, took a deep breathe
and look down. Wait…what?! Ok, something isn’t right. I step off the scale, let it reset
and stepped back on. This time taking two deep breathes, I look down & it’s the same
number. I LOST 2 POUNDS!! Happy is not the word to describe my feelings at that
moment. Knowing that I did not exercise in almost 3 weeks nor was I making a lot of
healthy food choices, I couldn’t believe I had lost weight!

I couldn’t explain how I lost the two pounds and nor do I care to figure it out. I was
finally over the 20 pound weight loss mark. I danced all morning, ate healthy the entire
day & exercised later that night.

Reaching that 59 pound mark gave me the confidence I needed to keep going. It has been
a long difficult road but the feeling I felt made it all worth it.


My advice for everyone who is trying to reach that next goal…you will make it. It may
be long and hard getting there but it will be so worth it once you reach it. Whatever you
do, don’t give up! If you want it bad enough, you will do whatever it takes to get it.

If you want to be a jean/dress size smaller – you will get there.
If you want better health – keep on exercising – you will get there!
If you want to tone up for your two piece – keep on doing resistance training – you will
get there.
If you are reading this because you want some inspiration – believe me – it is NOT easy,
set a small goal and work toward that. You will get there!

Author: tyrone3340

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