Discover ways to enjoy delicious holiday dishes on a diet

locro-de-papaEven chefs that the holidays are challenging. However they say that it is “possible to maintain a clean diet throughout the season.”

Here are 3 tips they recommend:

Don’t make things too complicated. Keep it simple with “minimal preparation, allowing it to shine without too many extras or unnecessary ingredients. “ In the classic sweet potato casserole dish, the chefs advise to skip marshmallows and brown sugar.

Eat Mindfully

Although they say allowing “yourself to indulge” is okay, always be cautious of what you are eating. Ask yourself “how you feel, what does your body want, and when has your appetite been satiated?”

Clean Desserts
Instead of the traditional desserts with mounds of sugar, creams, and fat try new savory dishes. If you don’t enjoy the savory flavor in desserts, you can continue to enjoy sweet desserts—just remember to keep the ingredients as original and simple as possible. Once you’ve added too many things and the dish becomes too complicated, you know you’ve gone too far.

“Clean eating is not a diet-it’s a lifestyle.” In order to lead a healthy life, clean eating is a practice that we must follow daily, even after the holidays.
Locro – Argentinean Stew – Recipe
250 g of White Beans, – Dry or Caned
250 g of White Mexican Corn – Dry or canned
01 lb Sweet Potatoes
100g Bacon
250g of Fatty Pork Meat (like Pork Shoulder)
250g Sweet Corn
01 large Onion
½ cup of Canola Oil
02 Bay Leaves

Sauce: Spicy Chili Glaze: Combine dry Chili, Garlic, Canola Oil, Green Onions, Rosemary, Paprika and Salt – at your leisure
Soak White Beans and White Mexican Corn overnight with fresh and filtered water, if you are using dry ingredients. Next day, bake or boil the Sweet Potatoes with a pinch of salt and brown sugar, cook the Sweet Corn in salted boiling water until tender or just use Organic Canned Sweet Corn.
Place on a large pan the soaked White Beans with water to cover, put it to cook on medium to low heat for about 02 hours, always check the amount of water, just to keep the beans covered. Meanwhile, bake the Pork Meat in the oven, with salt and pepper, on a large tray covered with aluminum foil for at least 01 hour. Check the meat that it should be very tender and cooked through.
At this time you may add the Sweet cooked Potatoes, the Sweet Corn and the cooked Pork Meat to the White Beans pan, and let it simmer for 01 more hour. Always checking the water level, so if you need please add more water to the mix. Stir the ingredients, and let it cook slowly in a covered pan, at very low heat.
Meanwhile, sauté the Onion with the Canola oil in a skillet, chop the Bacon in small pieces and add it to the Onions until golden. Please keep the fat of the pan, this will add lots of flavor to the Stew. Carefully add this mixture to the pan with the Beans, stir all in and also add the Bay Leaves, cover the pan and let it cook for at least 01 more hour. Or until the beans are very tender and creamy. Do not add salt or pepper to this preparation!
For the Chili Glaze:
Grind the dry Chili in a mortar, chop the garlic, green onions and rosemary. Heat up the Canola oil and add the Chili and the chopped ingredients to the oil, add the Paprika, salt and pepper and just let it sauté until golden.
To serve:
Place one generous scoop of Locro in a bowl and drizzle with the glaze.
For a vegetarian version do not use Pork and Bacon, and please season the Stew when it is all the way cooked.


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