About Us

Our vision here at The Lazy Dietitian Blog is having exercise, nutrition, and disease prevention in one all-encompassing site. The foundation for a healthy lifestyle is diametrically opposed to that of conventional medicine with its focus on treatment and drugs.

Instead, living a healthy lifestyle is firmly anchored in whole, natural foods and alternative, drug-free measures. Instead of the first resort, traditional medicine is the last resort. It is only to be used when all other approaches have been exhausted, and it proves to be beneficial to the specific case.

That being said, our goal for The Lazy Dietitian Blog is as follows:

  • Present the importance and necessity of healthy living through exercise, nutrition, and disease prevention
  • Present the importance of a holistic approach to health
  • Present the importance of working with the human body with methods and substances it was designed to understand and process
  • Expose and denounce pharmaceutical, food, agricultural, and medical greed which seeks to perpetuate their own selfish agendas at the expense of our health and well-being, and environmental concerns